Immersion in Valcanale’s nature

Tourist Offers: Nature and excursions- Valcanale and its walks

Situated at the height of 987 metres, Valcanale is the most important part of the Municipality. Immersed in greenery and in nature with beautiful landscapes that are typical of alpine panoramas, it is one of the jewels of the Orobian scenery.

The Mountain Hut of Alpe Corte, the first stage of the Orobian Ring, which starts and closes itself at Ardesio, is reachable from Valcanale by following the  trail sign CAI 220.

The mountain hut is partly ideal for families with kids. The meadows around the structure and the short time needed to reach it transform it into the perfect place for the classic walk with the family. Here you will be able to enjoy a hot meal.

Once the Alpe Corte are reached, you could continue for the Branchino Lake by following the trail sign CAI 218, and for good walkers, one can continue towards the mountain hut Capanna 2000 (2000m). To reach it, you go along a wonderful path that is purposely called “the flower trail”.

If one continues from the Mountain Hut of Alpe Corte, one can reach the path of the Laghi Gemelli (Twin Lakes), where you can admire the dam that gives rise to the spectacular alpine lake.  At the end, there is lunch at the Mountain Hut Alpe Corte, where you can taste a traditional dish, discovering Ardesio through its flavours.

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