Anello delle Orobie


The Orobie Ring is a fascinating high-altitude route of around 80 km, full of historical, naturalistic and alpine values, proposed as a 7-stage trek of different difficulties that connect the refuges perched on the Bergamo Orobie mountains: Alpe Corte, Laghi Gemelli , Fratelli Calvi, Baroni al Brunone, Merelli al Coca, Curò, Albani.

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The Orobie passport

A passport to document a wonderful journey among the paths and naturalistic beauties of the Eastern Orobie Ring which starts and arrives in Ardesio and which hikers, mountaineers and tourists can follow every summer (from mid-June) in a single solution, a ring , staying overnight in refuges.

Where to request it?

The passport, printed in pocket format, is nominal and can be collected and activated before embarking on the Sentiero delle Orobie Orientali ad Anello at the Vivi Ardesio office and at the Minuscoli bakery (via Locatelli 40, Ardesio) and the Bigoni pastry shop ( via Duca d’Aosta 7, Ardesio).

Il passaporto si potrà ritirare anche all’Infopoint ValSeriana e Scalve di Ponte Nossa, a Visit Bergamo e alla Sede Centrale del Cai -Bergamo.
L’attivazione invece è possibile solo ad Ardesio.

How does it works?

At each stage you can collect the stamp of the refuge encountered along the way. There are 9 stamps needed to complete the passport and therefore receive the certificate: 7 stamps issued by the shelters and 2 those by Vivi Ardesio which is the departure and arrival stage of the Sentiero delle Orobie Orientali ad Anello.

Services for hikers

– Before leaving, the map of the circular path will be delivered together with the passport at the Vivi Ardesio office

– For hikers who follow the ring it is possible to make free use of the parking in via Locatelli in Ardesio for the entire duration of the adventure.

Transfer services and shuttle buses are available upon request and upon reservation for any needs.

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Useful numbers

SHELTERPhone Number
Rif. Alpe Corte+39 0346.35090
Rif. Laghi Gemelli+39 0345.71212
Rif. Calvi+39 0345.77047
Rif. Baroni al Brunone+39 0346.41235
Rif. Merelli al Coca+39 0346.44035
Rif. Antonio Curò+39 0346.44076
Rif. Albani+39 0346.51105
Rif. Medici ai Cassinelli+39 339.5655793
Rif. Rino Olmo+39 0346.61380