Recurring Events

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Below you will find a list of cultural and touristic events and activities which are held during the year in Ardesio:

Cultural Events and Activities

Raduno Fiat Ritmo

Second Sunday of April

As if by magic (Come d’Incanto – Festival of Street Artists)

First Weekend of June

Vespa Rock

Last Weekend of June

Anniversary of the laying and lighting of Mount Secco’s cross

Third weekend of July

Vintage Motorcycle Rally

Third Sunday of July

Party at Brater for the meeting of the Alpine section of Ardesio

First Sunday of August

Ardesio DiVino

First weekend of August

10 e Lode

10 days of day & night events for Ferragosto

Eat, drink and walk

Third Saturday of August

Friendship meeting at Lake Branchino between the communities of Ardesio, Oltre il Colle and Roncobello

Second Sunday of August

Little Montecarlo

Second weekend of September

Christmas in Contrada

During the Christmas period

Folklore and Traditions

Scasada del Zenerù

31 January

Goat Fair

First or Second Sunday of February

The Transhumance

First Weekend of July

Curiosity and tradition: Every third Thursday of Lent one wakes up in the morning with crosses painted at the entrance of houses of bachelors and spinsters.

Religious Festivities

More information on religious festivities  and places of religious worship.

Traditional crossing on foot from Valtellina to Ardesio in honour of Our Lady of Grace

The previous weekend is the feast of the Apparition

Solemnity of the Apparition of the Madonna of Ardesio

22-23 June

Party at the district of Ludrigno for St. Elisabeth

First Saturday of July

Party at the District of Marinoni for Our Lady of Carmel

Second Sunday of July

Party at the District of Piazzolo for Saint Magdalene

Third Sunday of July

Party at the District of Rizzoli for St. John

Fourth Sunday of July

Party at the District of Bani for Our Lady of the Girdle

Second Weekend of August

Party at Valcanale for Our Lady of the Assumption

15 August

Party at the District Ave for St. Rocco

16 August

Party at the District of Contrada for the Holy Mary Child

First Sunday of September

Party at the District of Cerete for Our Lady of Mercy

Third Sunday of September

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