Saint Anthony in Zaffalino

Vivi-Ardesio-ardesio Chiesa-San-Antonio-da-Padova-in-Zaffalino-Luca-Festari-Interni

This church was constructed in the seventeenth century by Pietro Cacciamali, to fulfill the will of the late brother Don Bartolomeo.

It is a nice and harmonic construction in the shape of a Greek cross with a vault in the form of a dome, set on four arches; even the presbytery’s ceiling has the shape of a dome.

It is enriched with various frescoes from the nineteenth century, works of Lattanzio Querena of Clusone. On the main vault there is the painting of The Glory of St. Anthony and in the tympanums four miracles of the saint. Even the two canvas of the lateral walls are from Lattanzio Querena and represent the Devotion to St. Anthony and the saint himself, an altar boy, sends the devil away. The altarpiece, attributed by some to Saverio Della Rosa and by others to Giuseppe Orelli, represents  Our Lady of Carmel with Saint Anthony, Saint Louise and Saint Peter the martyr. There is also a coat of arms with the words Bana Roncati, which is the name of the donating family, to whom the sepulchral plaque at the centre of the floor belongs.

The little bell tower, made from artificial stone, is more recent from the1930s.