Sanctuary of Ardesio

A little above Piazza Moretto, there is the Sanctuary dedicated to Our Lady of Grace. The organ is of great historical importance (1636) from Giovanni Rogantino di Morbegno (SO). The altar was built on the spot were the apparition of our Lady happened. Above the altar, there is the painting of the Sacred Images from the XVth century; at the sides of the presbytery, two oval works from Guadagnini, just like the two altar pieces in the centre of the church can be found.

Beside the confessional, the altarpiece of the Incoronation of Mary is attributed to Palma il Giovane. In the crypt under the altar, there is the line sculpture of the Apparition, which is artisan work of Gardena Valley, whereas at the side of the hall of the ex-voto and the hall of the Sacred Tomb there is a group of beautifully made sculptures by Fantoni. In 1645, construction works began from the high bell tower (66 metres) and were finished once and for all 20 years later.

Outside, on the square with the same name, one can admire the architecture of palaces that belonged to the families Moioli, Maninetti, Cacciamali, as well as that from the House of the Pilgrim.

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