Religious Festivities

viviardesio Ardesio-Organo-Santuario-Madonna-delle-Grazie

The numerous religious festivities which happen in every district of our Municipality continue to represent today an important appointment not only for residents but also for all those who lived for many years before leaving their native village.

This is what happens at Piazzolo, on 22nd August, when the feast dedicated to Saint Mary Magdalene is celebrated. In the past there was a tradition to put home-grown cheese by auction, the proceeds of which went to the church.

At Bani, the 14th August sees the anniversary of “Our Lady of the Girdle “. On the eve, there are fireworks, whereas on 24th June, there is the feast of the patron saint of the parish, St. John the Baptist.

St. Rocco is celebrated on 16th August in Ave. The statue of the patron crosses the mule track and trails before going back in the church.

Saint Lucy and Saint Elisabeth are honoured respectively at Botto Alto and at Ludrigno, whereas for the district of Rizzoli the saints Anthony Abate and Giacomo Maggiore are venerated.

The district of Cerete celebrates the 24th September for “Our Lady of Mercy“, whereas at Cacciamali the 8th September reminisces the Nativity of Mary. Even though the district is depopulated, a whole influx of people from all over the country come to revive it during the whole day.

In the parts of Valcanale the feast of the patron, Our Lady of the Assumption, is particularly heartfelt on 15th August; the afternoon procession with a musical accompaniment is particularly charming. Also in Valcanale on 9th February, there is a feast for the return of the sun. In the district of Marinoni, one can feel the heartfelt solemnity in honour of the “Madonna of Carmine“.

Nonetheless, the big feast of the Municipality is that which happens on 23rd June. Exactly on 23rd June 1607 there was the Miraculous Apparition of the Virgin Mary. With each anniversary, the Community of Ardesio lives a very particular moment of joy and faith. Even nowadays, there are still numerous pilgrims hailing from various far away and near countries. On the eve of the 22nd, following the solemn procession which is very well attended, there are the famous fireworks and the country is entertained until late at night with lights and sounds of pedlers and carousels. Eating tripe in the restaurants is a custom.