Visit to the Sanctuary of our Lady of Grace

Tourist Offers: Between Art and Faith – Visit to the Sanctuary of our Lady of Grace

Ardesio, a small village, rises at the foot of the Orobian Prealps, and in the heart of the hamlet, the majestic Sanctuary of Our Lade of Grace stands out. This is an important example of Barock art for the whole Serian Valley.

The story begins long ago on  23rd June 1607 when Our Lady appeared on a throne with Baby Jesus in her arms, to two girls who were praying. The first stone of the Sanctuary was laid down after only one year from the miraculous event and it was finished in 1691.

The Sanctuary is visited half by pilgrims and half by tourists from all over North Italy, not only because of the Devotion towards Our Lady but also because of the art inside it: the rich Barock details, various frescos, the majestic organ and the Ex-Voto bear witness to the popular faith and to historical facts and customs from the XVIIth century up to today.

At the end, there is lunch or dinner in one of the restaurants of the country, where you can taste a traditional dish, discovering Ardesio through its flavours.