The Historical Centre of Ardesio

Tourist Offers: The Historical Centre of Ardesio

The historical, artistic trail starts in Piazza Monte Grappa, where we can admire Gadaldini Palace, which is now the municipal centre. Behind the Town Hall, there is the small square Largo Riccardi, originally called Santa Caterina. Here, already in the XVth century , there was in fact a church dedicated to Saint Sienna.

Passing by the street Duca d’Aosta we can admire a fresco depicting the Immaculate Madonna.

When we move to the main square, called Bonvicino Moretto of Ardesio, a local painter from the Five Hundred, we will find the Vescovile Palace, a construction of the XIIth century. In the palace, one should remember the room of the Congregation of the Dead with a decorated stone portal, bearing the date 1672. In its interior there is a fresco depicting a Macabre Dance.

The last piece of the story will be the visit to the majestic and imposing Parish Church of Ardesio dedicated to Saint George the Martyr, which holds valuable works.

At the end, there will be lunch or dinner in one of the restaurants of the country where you will be able to taste a traditional dish, discovering Ardesio through its flavours.