Sport, excursion and environmental education

Tourist OffersFeel safe with mountain professionals

Discover and experience the natural beauty of Ardesio with our exciting suggestions of Mountain Team Italy, a team of Alpine Guides from Bergamo, who offer multiple activities in safety for all and for all seaons.

Mountain Team Italy, who has the spread of culture as its objective for a fun and safe visit to the mountains, makes its experience available to customers to spread the love for the mountains, for its values and for what mountains can teach us.

Mountain Team Italy is a reality of Bergamo which principally operates not only in the valleys of Berbamo, but also in the Alps and in the mountains of all the world as their terrain of adventure!

Here are the suggestions by Mountain Team Italy:

– Alpine skiing
–Climbing on the Ice Waterfall
– Freeride skiing
– Snowshoes
– Mountain Climbing
– Iron Paths
– Canyoning
– Trekking and Orienteering
– Team Building for companies
– Nordic Walking
– Environmental Education
– Laboratories for Children
–“Wildness” excursions